About Us

About Us

What is Food Understood?

Food Understood is your online, easy-to-access, one-stop food resource. We provide scientifically based peer-reviewed articles that provide answers to the ever-rising number of food questions.

Simply put, Food Understood aims to make  food science easy.

When we are posed with a question and cannot find an easy answer we seek the sources, laboring to deliver to you a sound, factual answer that you can use in your research, your home, or around the dinner table. We hope to spark conversation, to garner interest, and to inspire a healthier and more knowledgeable generation.

Food Understood is also an Advocate for Agriculture. While remaining scientifically based and rooted in a quest for factual information, Food Understood seeks to explain the path of food on the farm, in production, in the kitchen, on your plate, and in your body.

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